More D.C. Plaudits

Looks like Baseball will return to D.C. Hooray! My first favorite hometown team was the old Washington Senators. (The Orioles were still Bill Veeck’s St Louis Browns.) My first Major League ballgame was at Griffith Stadium—and I routinely wear for summer barbequing my replica Senators #3 jersey, the uniform of my first BBall hero, 1st baseman Mickey Vernon. (Now you know.)

And then there’s my favorite bookstore in the U.S.A. It’s the tiny, eclectic Bridge Street Books in Georgetown. I arrange my trips to make sure I can work in a Bridge Street stop. As usual, I wasn’t disappointed today—and picked up some unusual books to top up my Christmas shopping. Incidentally, their specialties are politics (no surprise), baseball, and crime—after all, what else is there to life?

Tom Peters posted this on December 21, 2004, in Excellence.
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