Just Keep ‘Em Away From Me!

House & Garden (January 2005) devotes an entire issue to "The New Tastemakers: 50 For The Future Of Design."

Uhmmmm ....

70% are ... Men.
(How stupid??? This is about ... the home, no??? Men are irrelevant, the stats show, right??? Am I missing something???)

90% of the Ms, or Fs for that matter, I'd not let within miles of my house. H & G seems to be catering to some Client with whom I find it impossible to identify (or, probably, even like)—but then I actually, I'm gonna say it out loud, prefer to ... GET COMFORTABLE & COZY... in the place/s I live; you know, put on Sweats, or even Pajamas, early in the evening before settling in for West Wing or Sopranos or Seinfeld reruns—I never imagine for a moment that the Editor of Vogue (or House & Garden) might "drop in" ... at least I hope not.

What are they thinking about?

Tom Peters posted this on December 20, 2004, in Design.
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