Conversations (and A New Year’s Resolution)

Don't want to be maudlin on Christmas Eve, but for me (yes, I've said it before) this will be the Year of the Blog. The Community we have at this site means a lot to me. Moreover (and how Cool!), we've only begun! I've decided—the NYResolution bit— to keep on Re-imagining Tom Peters and the Tom Peters Network:

I imagine ... a truly Web-centric TPN. (Tom Peters Network.)
I imagine ... wildly expanded Communities of Interest.
I imagine ... a Wild & Heated series of Conversations led by our Coolest of Cool Friends, many of whom gathered in VT a couple of weeks ago.
I imagine ... a Wild & Determined Commitment to "Re-imagining" on the part of our Community.
I imagine ... a full-fledged Network of Re-imagineers ... devoted to Radical Renovations of our careers, schools, hospitals, businesses, agencies.
I imagine .. TPN becoming the Hub of Excitement for Brand You Nation!
I imagine ... Tool Kits for Radicals, from Individual Contributor to CEO, to spur on the Necessary Revolutions required by so many of our organizations in 2005 and beyond.
I imagine ... Real & Virtual Salons on any topic ... as long as the Conversation is Radical & a bit Unhinged.
I imagine ... becoming Grand Central Station for the most interesting & Influential & Mind-stretching ideas in the World of New Management.
I imagine ... much, much more ... things that I'm not currently capable of imagining!

Are you up for it? (I hope so, for I've already begun discussions about operationalizing my Dream.)

Tom Peters posted this on December 24, 2004, in Blogging.
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