A Different New Year’s Eve?!

One might presume that the horrors in SEAsia would cause us to revise our New Year’s Resolutions. If ever a sense of Global Community is called for, it’s now. And as we craft those Resolutions—that often focus no more deeply than on shedding the 2.9 pounds we put on over the Holidays—I would hope that Community, local and global, would be on and perhaps at the top of many of our lists. Go ahead, today, and volunteer to put your time in on the Community Center expansion drive this Winter! Frankly, it would be a marvelous tribute to the dead of SEAsia if 12.31.2004 was marked by a renewed commitment to Faith, Hope & Charity at home. Prayers are great, but let’s go beyond the talk to … Action! Now! Get High on Volunteer Activities in 2005! (And keep those disaster relief Donations rolling out, too!)

My best wishes for a Thoughtful, Caring, Community-centric and Action-besotted 2005!

Tom Peters posted this on December 31, 2004, in News.
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