12.02.2004. BA213. Heathrow-Logan.

"China Widens Access for Foreign Banks"—Headline/Financial Times/12.02.2004

"Foreign Inflows Push India's Stock Market to Record High"—Headline/Financial Times/12.02.2004

"The 'Insourcing' Problem"—Headline/OpEd/Wall Street Journal/12.02.2004 ("Total flows of Foreign Direct Investment capital into the U.S. have collapsed since 2000—from a peak of $314 billion in 2000 to $29.8 billion in 2003. No doubt some of that decline is a cyclical response to the giant surge in the late 1990s. But some of the falloff might be structural. In 2003, for the first time, China attracted more FDI than the U.S.")

Tom Peters posted this on December 3, 2004, in News.
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