Whoops! Quoting Myself!

Always a little scary when one quotes oneself! But here was a Comment on a Post about New Slides (TechLearn, NYC, Monday) that led me to respond. And my response succinctly captures how I feel about Biz Life/Life Life. The correspondent said some nice things about my exchange with a handful of Chief Learning Officers from joints like IBM and HP. And I said: "Naomi, thanks! I had a great time yesterday, especially the CLO gig. I just love the issues we are all wrestling with! How cool that everything is screwed up—in a state of flux! What an opportunity to play with truly new forms of organizing, learning, connecting, growing, creating new careers and new forms of value!"

Indeed: HOW COOL!

Key words:

All screwed up!
State of flux!
Wrestle with!
Play with!

New forms of ...

Creating new careers!
Creating new forms of value!


Tom Peters posted this on November 18, 2004, in Brand You.
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