Whoops! Quoting Myself!

Always a little scary when one quotes oneself! But here was a Comment on a Post about New Slides (TechLearn, NYC, Monday) that led me to respond. And my response succinctly captures how I feel about Biz Life/Life Life. The correspondent said some nice things about my exchange with a handful of Chief Learning Officers from joints like IBM and HP. And I said: “Naomi, thanks! I had a great time yesterday, especially the CLO gig. I just love the issues we are all wrestling with! How cool that everything is screwed up—in a state of flux! What an opportunity to play with truly new forms of organizing, learning, connecting, growing, creating new careers and new forms of value!”

Indeed: HOW COOL!

Key words:

All screwed up!
State of flux!
Wrestle with!
Play with!

New forms of …

Creating new careers!
Creating new forms of value!


Tom Peters posted this on November 18, 2004, in Brand You.
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