The Tom Peters Company Re-imagines Itself!

Boston, Massachusetts & Cincinnati, Ohio — November 15, 2004: Tom Peters, management’s “guru of gurus” and best-selling author of In Search of Excellence and, most recently, Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age, has announced the reorganization of The Tom Peters Company to more effectively serve the corporate market for enterprise transformation services and leadership development.

This re-invention results in the formation of two new entities. One, The Tom Peters Company, chaired by Peters, is devoted exclusively to implementing Tom’s ideas about dramatic enterprise reformation. The other, Bluepoint Leadership Development, will focus on the development of outstanding organization leaders through education, training, and coaching. The re-organized Tom Peters Company, now headquartered in Boston, will retain its name (and its website, and will operate principally as a transformational consulting firm, initially utilizing Peters’ established service offerings—such as WowProjects, Brand You, and Brand Inside/Professional Service Firm transformations—as the basis for fundamental enterprise realignment necessary to master the chaotic times. Bluepoint Leadership Development is positioned to accelerate leadership development for corporate leaders, primarily at the mid- to executive-level. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and led by Chairman Boyd Clarke, Bluepoint will maintain account responsibility for the former Tom Peters Company’s leadership-products clients.

Clarke, coauthor of The Leader’s Voice, stated: “This is a real opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves as well. We’ve enjoyed our association with Tom and his ideas and obviously his ideas will continue to live on in our organization. And given that both organizations are fundamentally about helping make change happen in the workplace, I think we’ll find opportunities to collaborate on some projects. Along with my colleagues Ron Crossland, Vice Chair of Bluepoint, and Gregg Thompson, President, we are ready to devote all our time and energy to leadership development. That’s what really turns us on.”

Peters’ intent for the re-established Tom Peters Company is to build a beacon company of what he calls “like-minded radicals”—who focus on “partnering with nervy Clients as they face squarely up to the enormity and pace of changes required by the emergent technologies, intensified competition, and a truly global marketplace.” Those changes, Peters adds, “require nothing less than wholesale re-imagining of the basic tenets of ‘organizing,’ the idea of what makes an effective ‘corporate culture’ in a fundamentally unstable environment—and re-conception of the traditional bases for adding value to every product and service offering.” He adds, “Our goal is simple to state. We aim for exceedingly rapid, high-impact, high-visibility efforts undertaken with like-minded Clients who will not settle for halfway solutions. These are not ‘halfway’ times!”

As a notably vocal advocate for more widespread female leadership in American business, Peters also announced the appointment of Juli Ann Reynolds as the new CEO/President of Tom Peters Company. Reynolds fashioned a high-impact track record as a Senior Partner of Russell Reynolds, the global executive search firm; she is also a former president of the Boston Club, a senior executive women’s club in Boston. Reynolds commented on her appointment, “My recent work has been all about placing leaders and executives, but to now have the chance to help transform organizations using Tom’s brand and Tom’s ideas is exhilarating.”

About Tom Peters Company
Tom Peters Company is re-imagining Tom Peters’ products and organizational services to directly align with Peters’ unparalleled three-decade track record of intellectual leadership in business and management. This will be the first time that the Company is fully and unconditionally dedicated to Tom Peters’ vision of passion, leadership, open communication, branding, the spirit of brand you, creative destruction, women-in-leadership, the enormous women- boomer market opportunity, design-driven enterprise, creativity-based education, “radical” approaches to technology exploitation, and work that unfailingly startles Clients with its bold departures from “business as usual.” The value proposition: execution of a total, unabashedly “radical” transformation process that positions companies to retain the most exciting talent to achieve their top- (and bottom-) line revenue objectives and exercise game-changing leadership in their chosen markets, small or large. Juli Ann Reynolds will be the Chief Executive Officer and will re-establish the company in Boston; will remain as the re-organized company’s website and will include announcements about the revamped organization.

About Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development ( Tel: 513.683.4702) is a dedicated leadership development organization that specializes in accelerating leadership development through organizational consulting, leadership educational experiences, and executive coaching.

Erik Hansen posted this on November 15, 2004, in Announcements.
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