Same Day, Another Headline

“Kraft sell-offs on the menu as Wal-Mart bites.”—Headline, The Business (UK), 28/29 November

The startling story begins: “KRAFT, America’s largest food company, built its empire by devouring smaller firms, but it is now selling some of its properties because of the demands of the world’s biggest retailer. Wal*Mart has become so powerful that it can tell its suppliers which brands to own and which to sell, based on which goods are selling in its thousands of shops across the U.S.”

Considering these four headlines/stories, maybe I wasn’t far off, in a recent presentation, when I used a subtitle that read: “How the Two ‘Bs’—Bentonville & Beijing—Became the Co-capitals of the Economic World.”

Tom Peters posted this on November 29, 2004, in Strategies.
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