BusinessCrime.jpg"A couple of years ago a book like this one would have been very hard to imagine."

Seen the "best short stories" books? Or "best sports stories"? Or even "best business writing"? (Not an oxymoron.)

Well those "best" books, alas, have a new companion that I found at Pearson airport in Toronto. Namely, from which the editor's opening line above came: Best Business Crime Writing of the Year.


Alas (double alas?), it's a Great Collection of Superior Writing-Reporting about a sad group of jerks who take us all down a notch. Alas (triple alas?), I commend it to your attention.

And if a whole book is a little too much, at least buy BusinessWeek this week (1 Nov issue) ... and read the (alas) top notch reporting-writing in the cover story, "The Secret World of Marsh Mac"—the story of slime-at-the-top and grime-throughout in our biggest insurer, Marsh & McLennan.