Oh, Canada! (Redux.)

Speaking of London Drugs (we were, right?), let me tell you about me & London Drugs & Jim Collins & Good to Great & Walgreens. Okay?

Prepping for London Drugs speech. In SF. Needed some miscellaneous stuff. Go into a Walgreens on Market Street, across from Four Seasons Hotel.

Walgreens ... one of Jim Collins' small # of good-to-great exemplars. The place is a mess. Dirty. Msde just lying about. Undistinguished on every dimension you can name.

Some experience!

No doubt WGs passed Jim C's rigorous financial hurdles. And that is ... Cool. But I, for one, reserve words like Great for things that are ... GREAT.

Put simply, London Drugs is ... GREAT. (And so are its #s!)
Walgreens is not ... great. (Regardless of its #s.)

TP message: Reserve "great" for ... GREAT.

(Maybe I'll write a book about Walgreens titled Good to ... Whatever.)

Tom Peters posted this on November 3, 2004, in Branding.
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