Short, to-the-point management books have their place. Biz folks are busy. Ponderous writing is a drag, no matter how brilliant the underlying research. Focusing on one or two powerful ideas is sensible. Stories (parables) are a superb way to absorb an important idea.

Still ...

Transiting Heathrow on the way to the UAE. Pause at the bizbook section at a W.H. Smith. Here, in part, the bestsellers lineup: #1. Animals Inc.: A Business Parable for the Twenty-first Century. #2. Eat That Frog. #3. Who Moved My Cheese? ... #14. The Way of the Rat.

I live on a Farm.
I am an animal lover.
But, ye gads ...
Maybe we're reaching saturation?

On the other hand, I did learn a lot from the termites on a safari trip with family to Zimbabwe a couple of years ago. Hmmm. Maybe I'll ring up my British publisher when I fly back through on Wednesday ...

The Way of the Termite?
Who Moved My Grain of Sand?
Eat That Elephant Dung: A Termite's View of Sears & Kmart?

Tom Peters posted this on November 29, 2004, in General.
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