Definitely Worthwhile!

Just got my premier issue of worthwhile.
A magazine whose heart is captured by this exhortation from cofounder & Pulitzer Prize winner (Wall Street Journal) Anita Sharpe: "Love Your Work (no, seriously!)"

This is not Fast Company redux.
This is a magazine for those of us who care deeply about our work ... or want to.

Start with the cover Story ... "Joy, Meaning and How to Love Your (work) Life" ... and keep reading!

(Full disclosure, there's a wee bit on me within.)

I've been chanting about "The Work Matters" for at least 5 years, since the publication of my The Brand You50. This mag, as much or more than Fast Company, is what I've been waiting for.

For starters ... visit

Tom Peters posted this on November 3, 2004, in Brand You.
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