A Hearty Salute to Veterans!

Happy V-day fellow Vets! We deserve our annual applause! So … the rest of you … applaud! And to my fellow Viet Vets, “WELCOME HOME, SAILOR-SOLDIER-AIRMAN-MARINE!”

(NB: Thomas J. Peters, 693355, Lieutenant, United States Navy. U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Nine, Danang, RVN, 1966-1967. U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command/Seabee Operations and Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Arlington, VA, 1968-1970.)

(NB: Was in Toronto week before last, and got my Remembrance Day poppy, which I have proudly worn ever since. Happy R-Day Canucks, Brits, etc!)

Tom Peters posted this on November 11, 2004, in General.
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