14S, 65R … Hike!

When the next U.S. Congress convenes, there will be 14 women in the Senate, 65 in the House. Not good enough, but up from 2 in the Senate, 21 in the House in 1980. The Senate also will have 1 African-American, 2 Hispanics, and 2 Asian-Americans … up from 0, 0, and 2 in 1980. The House will seat 40 African-Americans, 23 Hispanics, and 5 Asian-Americans … up from 17, 7, and 3.

Could be better. Could be worse. But glacial though it doubtless seems to many, that’s a pretty sizeable shift in a quarter of a century. All you LBJ-bashing, aging hippies … put a flower on the old boy’s grave for the Civil Rights Act, etc. The grand total will be 152 minorities in ’05 (out of 535 total), up from 52 in ’80.

Tom Peters posted this on November 30, 2004, in Trend$.
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