100 Ways to Succeed #32:

Mimic Lord Nelson!

Another book about Horatio Nelson? I’ve read 10, and assumed I didn’t need another. But as I wiled away the time in Heathrow, I thumbed through a new one, Andrew Lambert’s Nelson: Britannia’s God of War. It looked fabulous, and, incidentally, I was to give a speech on Leadership in Dubai 48 hours hence. So I made the purchase, devoured the book during the subsequent 6-hour flight … extracted 13 Lessons … and devised this Success Tip #32: Mimic Lord Nelson.

Of course it’s far easier said than done! Still, aim high! Try to compass as many of the Nelsonian Traits as possible!* (*Maybe you’ll have your own Square—as in Trafalgar—some day!)

1. Simple scheme.
2. Noble purpose!
3. Engage others.
4. Find great talent, let it soar!
5. Lead by Love!
6. Trust your gut, not the focus group: Seize the Moment!
7. Vigor!
8. Master your craft.
9. Work harder than the next person.
10. Show the way, walk the talk, exude confidence! Start a Passion Epidemic!
11. Change the rules: Create your own game!
12. Shake off the pain, get back up off the ground, the timing may well be right tomorrow!
13. By hook or by crook, quash your fear of failure, savor your quirkiness, and participate fully in the fray!

Tom Peters posted this on November 30, 2004, in Success Tips.
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