100 Ways to Succeed #23:

Design Means You!

Sure, “design” means DHL spending Gazillion$$$$ on … YELLOW. IT’S THE NEW BROWN.

But that’s not all.

Design means … me obsessing on line breaks and “…”s in the presentation of this Blog.
Design means … me … at age 61 and somewhat successful … going through more than 25 drafts of a mere update of my Official Bio … that will be circulated to Clients for the next several months.
Design means … me worrying equally about presentation style as content … 365/6 days-per-year.
Design means … my abandoning a Great Publisher (Knopf) to go to Dorling Kindersley so I could get the sort of design treatment for my books (E.g., Re-imagine!) that added up to Marshall McLuhan’s famous “The medium is the message.”

Design means … that every action I take is Consciously Mediated by my implicit-explicit “design filter”: That is … HOW DOES THIS COME ACROSS? COULD IT BE CLEARER? CRISPER? MORE EXCITING?

(My last Client … London Drugs … “got it.” The president told me that my goal/minimum success standard was to “make the audience gasp.” Nice, eh?)

I “am” design!
It works for me.

I invite you aboard!
It’s a daunting journey … and an exciting one.
It’s near the Heart of the Matter in a BrandYou World.
(Hint: We live in a BrandYou World … like it or not.)

You = Desire to Survive = BrandYou = Branding Fanatic = LoveMark Fanatic (thanks, Kevin Roberts) = Design Fanatic.

Tom Peters posted this on November 3, 2004, in Success Tips.
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