100 Ways to Succeed #23:

Design Means You!

Sure, "design" means DHL spending Gazillion$$$$ on ... YELLOW. IT'S THE NEW BROWN.

But that's not all.

Design means ... me obsessing on line breaks and "..."s in the presentation of this Blog.
Design means ... me ... at age 61 and somewhat successful ... going through more than 25 drafts of a mere update of my Official Bio ... that will be circulated to Clients for the next several months.
Design means ... me worrying equally about presentation style as content ... 365/6 days-per-year.
Design means ... my abandoning a Great Publisher (Knopf) to go to Dorling Kindersley so I could get the sort of design treatment for my books (E.g., Re-imagine!) that added up to Marshall McLuhan's famous "The medium is the message."

Design means ... that every action I take is Consciously Mediated by my implicit-explicit "design filter": That is ... HOW DOES THIS COME ACROSS? COULD IT BE CLEARER? CRISPER? MORE EXCITING?

(My last Client ... London Drugs ... "got it." The president told me that my goal/minimum success standard was to "make the audience gasp." Nice, eh?)

I "am" design!
It works for me.

I invite you aboard!
It's a daunting journey ... and an exciting one.
It's near the Heart of the Matter in a BrandYou World.
(Hint: We live in a BrandYou World ... like it or not.)

You = Desire to Survive = BrandYou = Branding Fanatic = LoveMark Fanatic (thanks, Kevin Roberts) = Design Fanatic.

Tom Peters posted this on November 3, 2004, in Success Tips.
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