What Was Mr. Reagan Thinking?

Maybe my headline above takes the words out of President Bush’s mouth these days. President Reagan was a successful champion of States’ Rights. And now those nasty little buggers, the States, are grasping the nettle from Washington on some near-and-dear Boss Bush issues.

Ah-nold “When it comes to the Environment, I’m no girlie-boy” Schwarzenegger, CA’s Republican Gov, is going through bushels of pens signing one after another piece of far-reaching environmental-conservation legislation. Moreover, as CA goes, so goes the nation (eventually).

CA, MA (and some 38 other States) also are not willing to let the future front-edge of tomorrow’s economy (and attendant high-pay jobs) slip out of their grasps. Hence, a raft-full (make that ocean liner-full) of initiatives providing local funding for stem-cell research. In CA’s case, voters will likely slam-dunk an Initiative directing $3 BILLION of State moolah to such research.

Hey, I always was a Reagan fan!

NB: Re the Environment & Conservation Writ Large, I join others in recommending Amory Lovins’ Winning the Oil Endgame: American Innovation for Profits, Jobs, and Security. Most terrorism starts in the Middle East. Won’t end soon. May kill millions of us. We’re running out of oil. The Middle East isn’t. As is, dependence will … ACCELERATE. We must … MUST … SOMEHOW …make the decisions necessary to lessen … dramatically .. our oil-dependence. Such logic doesn’t require, say, a high-school diploma. And: It can be done, nattering of negative nabobs such as Exxon-Mobil Honcho Lee Raymond notwithstanding. For starters: Buy BP! Beyond Petroleum! (Even if BP’s commitment is only 50% genuine … it’s still a Grand Slam Winner.)