Thank You, Grand Hotel!

The Grand Hotel in Stockholm is, well, grand! It also satisfies seven of my eight “gotta haves” (in order): (1) insanely clean; (2) DSL/high speed access w/o interruption;
(3) 1-hour suit pressing, 24-hours-per-day; (4) windows that open WIDE; (5) no-smoking rooms; (6) 24-hour room service; (7) heart-of-the-city (in this case, minutes from the World’s Best Department Store—NK); It misses on #8, Very Hard Mattress. (My Swedish friends inform me that Swedes like soft mattresses—no problem, I just moved the soft mattress to the floor and converted it into a futon.)

Just to spark a discussion, I, “Customer Service Fanatic,” must add that I don’t much care about staff attitude—if all my Big Eight are on line.

Tom Peters posted this on October 17, 2004, in Service.
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