My Choices

Thoughts spinning out from the Gandhi quote. I was born in 1942. Of those with whom I have shared air to breath, four stand out above the rest: Gandhi. Churchill. King. Mandela. We are all products of our times, and yet I believe each of these giants altered the course of history through sheer force of personality. Each was a … Dreamer-Visionary. Each was … True to Himself. Each was an … Inspiring Story Teller. Each had … Incredible Personal Magnetism. Each was … Stunningly Inclusive. Each had … Herculean Stamina. Each was … Persistent Beyond Measure. Each surmounted … Numerous, Catastrophic Failures. Each was a … Masterful Politician. Each was a … Stellar Actor.

Review: The Ten “Traits of Excellence”:

True to Himself.
Story Teller.
Thrive Past Failure.
Politician Extraordinaire.

What do you think of my list? Of people? Traits? Do you think these ten traits come at birth? Or, assuming they are more or less on the mark, can they be taught-learned-practiced?

Tom Peters posted this on October 7, 2004, in Brand You.
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