Kooky and Kewl and …

Back from “Old” (delightful!) Europe. Land in San Francisco. Remember in a flash why I love … LOVE … the City by the Bay. New York may be statistically more diverse, but SF feels so wonderfully diverse! In Borders near Union Square, for example, there is every color and costume known to humankind!

Plus, of course, the Bay Area is tops in just about all the “hard stuff” too … Universities, infotech, biotech, start-ups, venture capital. (And Apple & Google & LucasFilm & Oracle & Genentech. And …) Do you think it’s mere coincidence that Kewl & Diverse and Economic & Intellectual Excellence go hand-tightly-in-glove?

Concerning the above, here’s my quote of the day from Carnegie Mellon prof and econ-growth guru Richard Florida: “You can’t get a technologically innovative place unless it’s open to weirdness, eccentricity and difference.” Presumably this is why, even in the Age of the Internet & Virtual Everything, that so much of the Best-Redefining Stuff still comes from SF, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Miami, LA, London, et al.

Tom Peters posted this on October 25, 2004, in Talent.
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