I am … NOT … a Clothes Horse …

It's just that I lost a ton (almost literally) of weight ... and my clothes don't look "loose," they look silly. So, following Adventure Milano, I detoured on the way to LA. And came to SF for the primary purpose of buying new suits at Nordstrom on Market Street. What a (continuing) tribute to Insanely Great Customer Service ... eh? Going to a city not on one's brutal itinerary to stop-'n-shop.

Bottom Line: The service was, well... Nordstrom. Period. I.e.: Insanely Great. Still.

(Speaking of "service" ... all the major airlines are up against the wall, cutting staff, allowing service to do a dead drop. On this trip, alas, I found British Air and Lufthansa to be as uninspiring-inattentive-screwed up as, say ... pick your worst.)

Tom Peters posted this on October 25, 2004, in Branding.
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