How Could It Have Slipped My Mind?

If you attend one and only one professional conference this year, make it The North American Conference on Customer Management, 7-9 November in Orlando. (Not a self-serving plea; I’m not speaking, though I have in the past.) The Speaker line-up is to die for—deep and long. Even the optional activities are great—such as an evening with Cirque du Soleil.

This Blog was born when I received a brochure for the event. And, actually, I haven’t really gotten to the point of the Blog. Namely, the brochure’s 60-point type pull quote, from participant Jack Welch, he of GE fame. To wit: “HIERARCHY IS AN ORGANIZATION WITH ITS FACE TOWARDS THE CEO AND ITS ASS TOWARDS THE CUSTOMER.”

Who’d want to miss the likes of that?
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