Election Day Cometh …

Of course there’s no doubt about the vote in SF or California. (Damn, both sides are so sure of the outcome in CA that we don’t get to see … ANY … of those intellectually stimulating Campaign Ads!)

For those (few?) not totally polarized by … The Choice … here’s a superb comment from the always superb Andrew Sullivan Website: “Bush is a dynamic leader, but he lacks what a president most needs: guardrails. Kerry has guardrails, but where is the road? A dispiriting choice.”

(NB: I often think Sullivan is single-handedly getting me through this election sane. Spirited. Smart. Surprising. Those three S-words capture—for me—andrewsullivan.com.)

(NB: I’m also enjoying my Daily Dose, via push email I subscribed to, of washingtonpost.com. I personally don’t think the Post has the liberal bias it used to—and it is clearly the nation’s best “local rag” for political news.)

Speaking of California Republicans (we were, weren’t we?), the provocative and tough-to-categorize Governator has just executed yet another very bold, front-edge environmental initiative, this time aimed at preserving the world’s Oceans.

Tom Peters posted this on October 25, 2004, in News.
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