Cool Little (?) Ideas

Another early (cryptic) slide will read: 1Y/2N
2 Pizzas
Plastic bulldozer

I love stuff like this:

1Y/2N. I'm told that one trick employed by the service-obsessed Commerce Bank of New Jersey is that an employee can say "Yes" to a customer (within some high-tolerance limits) on her or his own. But to say "No" to any customer request, no matter how weird, requires two people (e.g., you and your boss) to turn the request down. That is, the "culture" has a designed-in "Bias toward 'Yes.'"

2 Pizzas. Amazon's Jeff Bezos declares that no employee team can have more people than can be fed by two pizzas. (This courtesy Vanity Fair/10.04.)

Plastic Bulldozer. Michael Dell, we also learn from VF, keeps a plastic bulldozer on his desk to remind him not to run roughshod over new ideas.

Tom Peters posted this on October 1, 2004, in Strategies.
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