Collective Wisdom

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but if you live in Boston you can't help but get caught up in Red Sox fever, particularly as the home town team has now tied the series with the New York Yankees. What I found most interesting watching Tuesday night's game, however, was the umpires coming together to reach decisions on two disputed calls. I'd never seen collective wisdom on the baseball diamond before. My sense of umpires is that they've considered themselves kingdoms of one, and they make a call and stick with it, even when they're blocked from seeing the action in question. But since they were closest to the action, it was their call to make. Closest isn't always best. Last night when questions arose all the umps came together and reversed the calls made by the single ump closest to the action. And according to the TV replays, they made the right calls. As a group. Quite exciting.

Erik Hansen posted this on October 20, 2004, in General.
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