85 Broads and Tom Say: Mark Your Calendar!

85 Broads is a women’s networking group started in 1999, with HQ at 85 Broad St./Wall Street. They are sponsoring a Buycott, urging their members (and friends thereof, via word-of-mouth) to Not Shop on October 19. The idea is to demo Women’s AWESOME Purchasing Power and PATHETIC Under-representation in Boardrooms & Exec Suites! So sad that one needs to do this sort of thing in 2004 … to call attention to the Obvious! But need it we do, and One Old Guy (me) urges one and all (M & F) to zip the checkbook, stow the credit cards … on 10.19 … and support 85 Broads & All Women!

Tom Peters posted this on October 13, 2004, in Trend$.
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