Call it Blurrrrrrrr: 5 countries in 5 days. Saturday-Wednesday: Ireland … Sweden … Denmark … Germany … Italy. And now for some good shopping. I’ve got the day off in Milano, and my hotel is but yards from La Scala and the heart of this incredible city. Incidentally, I spoke back-to-back in Frankfurt with Rudy Giuliani—and had the chance to meet Da Mayor for the first time. I’m an insta-fan! He is easy to talk to—not always the case with those who reside on Mt. Olympus—and as funny as he is smart. Lucky me! (Double lucky me: I had a better night than RG did. At about 5 a.m. Milan-time, my Red Sox finished off his Yanks, capping the Most Incredible Comeback Ever. Alas, we enter the World Series with Schilling hurting and Martinez in, uh, “questionable form.” By the by: Hooray for the I’net & High-speed Connections thereto; I listened to The Game via Boston radio over the Web.)

Tom Peters posted this on October 21, 2004, in News.
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