100 Ways to Succeed #9:

"Old" Rules!

Young is Cool.
Old is Rich.
Think about it.

I'll speak later today to the AHCA/American Health Care Association ... the trade association that represents assisted-care centers, nursing homes, etc. Problems? Sure. Lousy rep? Alas, yes. Opportunity? YOU BET!

I'm not one to provide "market tips." But I'll break the rule here. The "Boomer-Geezer Market" is more ignored than the women's market. Period.

80 million Boomers. The first turn 60 in 2 years. Tons of money. (Make that: Tons & Tons.) Not aging gracefully. Up for experiences. (Up for damn near anything, for that matter.) Long time left, given today's life expectancies in developed countries. Add in Geezers ... and ... Ka-ching!!

And ... underserved. Astonishingly so. Why? "Old" is definitely not cool in America. Never has been. (Even among the old.)

Hence ... OPPORTUNITY is not "knocking." It's pounding on your door. Products. Services. Experiences. Mass markets. Niche markets. International markets Japan and Western Europe are getting older even faster than we are).

As I said: Think about it.