Workplace De-stressors

India's Health & Nutrition magazine offers a tip sheet for cutting debilitating office stress. It's simple and powerful: Cut out coffee! (I reluctantly did this 4 months ago, dropping a 45-year habit. It makes a whale of a difference.) (I now do Tea ... a dramatically reduced caffeine load, and I don't drink more than a couple of cups in the mornings.) "Spy on yourself!" Pay attention to how hunched up you get. Then do something ... SIMPLE ... about it. You can forget "Office Yoga" (though that's what I've taught myself) ... just invent some stretching exercises and repeat them every 30 minutes or so—90 seconds at a shot will do just fine. Take your vitamins. The article reports on research that shows Multivitamins heavy in B and C help reduce anxiety. Juggle! This was my favorite. The authors suggest you try juggling pens, spoons, or anything at hand. You'll surely screw it up, but almost assuredly start laughing in the process ... the best de-stressor around!

Tom Peters posted this on September 13, 2004, in Healthcare.
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