Wellness: About Damned Time!

Three loud cheers to Newsweek for its HUGE special report, "Health for Life." Issue: September 27, 2004. Meditation Rules! Yoga Rules! Breathing Right Rules! And, increasingly, we have the hard science to prove it! This is a "must read"—and a Great Reminder when one is on the way to Mom's 95th!

As those who read my "Summer of Soul" know, I am a True Believer. We must Take Charge of our own healthcare!* (*Don't you think it's odd that we spend ages picking a "contractor" to perform a trivial biz activity—but accept the doc-next-door as our health guide?) We must find docs whole buy the Wellness Act! Docs whose Last Resort, not first resort, is Chemicals! Coincidentally, my 2004 physical was the day after my Mom's 95th. Thanks to the sorts of stuff the Newsweek report touts, I came off both my Univasc (hypertension) and Lipitor (cholesterol). I've had hypertension since age 17 at least. (My girl friend's dentist Dad snuck me hypertension drugs so I could get my blood pressure down—and get into the Navy.) Thence, at 61, I have emerged from a 40-year "intractable" problem courtesy a belated focus on prevention-over-patchup: breathing, diet, etc—in COMBO! As to the passing of Lipitor, my "bad" cholesterol is charted at 57! BREATH ON! FLAX SEED RULES! WELLNESS FANATICS UNITE! NIX "FIX IT." EMBRACE "PREVENT IT."

Tom Peters posted this on September 28, 2004, in Healthcare.
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