The Power of “Why”

Reminded again of "The Power of 'Why?'" Meeting with a client. Client: "The events have to be in the evening." Me: "Why?" Client: "Because that's the only time our clientele is free." Me: "Says who?" Later ... Client: "But we can't have an 'End of season sale'." Me: "Why?" Client: "Because the season is over." Me: "Says who?" Me (later): "Why not invent your own season?" I'm no genius. The client is no idiot. It's mostly that I'm naive. The client is grooved in industry-company-personal tradition. And ... Mom & Pop or CitiGroup ... it's damned hard to break out. So the consultant (OR GADFLY INSIDER!) earns his or her keep X10 by doing such things as saying again & again: (1) Why? (2) Says who?

Tom Peters posted this on September 7, 2004, in Strategies.
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