Sports Note/Excellence Noted

Once again, I apologize for turning to the sports pages for data. But, you know, I am an “Excellence Freak.” Can you believe it? Jerry Rice had caught a pass in every game he played (274) since … 1 December 1985! YE GADS! ALMOST 20 YEARS! NFL ball is injurious to the body, TO PUT IT MILDLY, but into his 40s Jerry R achieved a Level of Excellence ever-so-rarely seen. WOW! The streak was snapped this past Sunday, but I contend it hangs in there with DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak. (Full disclosure: I’m an avid 49ers-Raiders fan. For us West Coasters, it’s allowed to love both hometown teams.)

Tom Peters posted this on September 21, 2004, in Excellence.
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