No. 1!

I’m going way out on a limb. BEST WEB SITE I’VE VISITED: (And, related: LOVE IT! Passes all the tests: ENGAGING!! EASY TO USE!! INFORMATIVE AS HELL!! INTERACTIVE AS ALL GET OUT!! COOL!! FUN!! (And so on.) In 1997, after a grand 25-year career at May Department Stores, Maxine Clark opened her first Build-A-Bear Workshop location in the St Louis Galleria. Seven years later, she’s heading a $300 million firm growing like Topsy, at home and abroad! I’ll keep heading out that limb: (1) Best Web site. (2) Grand Prize: Sell a SUPER-COOL ENGAGING EXPERIENCE … not merely a “service.” (3) Nominee … Coolest Company around. (That’s two for me in a month: Infosys in Biz to Biz markets; Build-A-Bear Workshops in retail-consumer-experiences. Wow!)

Tom Peters posted this on September 7, 2004, in Excellence.
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