Lesson from the “Big Island”

I am an Advocate of Destruction … in Crazy Times. (Like ours.) I don’t think that, say, “continuous improvement” is nearly powerful enough a Survival Tool. (See Re-imagine!, Chapter 2, “Control Alt Delete: The Destruction Imperative,” for more on my view.) Well, it appears my Hawaiian friends agree. October 2004’s National Geographic cover story is on the Big Island. (Hawaii.) Pele is the volcano Goddess. One Pele worshiper, Keola Hanoa, states the case (perhaps not shared by all real estate developers): “We don’t see Pele’s work as destruction but as cleansing. She’s a creator. When she comes through she wipes the land clean and leaves us new fertile ground.” Now if only we could get MBA-toting corporate strategists and merger-maniacal CEOs to become Pele worshipers!

Tom Peters posted this on September 13, 2004, in Strategies.
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