Just Another Day in China

Consider this from Forbes Global (09.20.04): In 1989 China had but 168 miles of Expressways. By the end of 2003, that number had “grown” to … 18,500 miles. The Forbes Global article, “When the Silk Road Gets Paved,” tells the (incredible) tale of China’s rapid inland development, after 20 years of focus on Shanghai, Guangzhou and other coastal cities. Intel is taking advantage, starting a $200 million factory way inland in Chengdu. Never heard of it? At pop 9.9 million, it’s merely bigger than New York. And you thought Chinese labor costs would eventually rise? You were right! But there’s China … and then there’s More China. Intel will pay the Chengdu workers but one-third of what it pays Shanghai employees! And as to those 18,500 miles of expressways, by 2008 the number will be 51,000 miles … topping our Interstate system’s 46,500.

Tom Peters posted this on September 13, 2004, in News.
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