Didn’t They Take Civics?

I spent last evening making phone calls at the local headquarters of my chosen presidential candidate. The sole purpose of this particular effort is to identify undecided voters for follow-up contact. My assignment was to ask them only one question: Which candidate would you vote for if the election were held today? It was very tempting to try to engage the “undecideds” in a longer conversation, but the folks who said “I won’t vote for any of ’em” were the ones I wanted to shake some sense into.

I should add that we’re in Ohio, not a state that’s already “in the bag” for anyone. This weekend, I’ll be knocking on doors and I hope to run into some of those non-voters while I’m out. I’d really like to ask them why they’re abdicating their authority.

Linda Fatherree posted this on September 16, 2004, in News.
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