100 Ways to Succeed #6:

Think (Obsess) Legacy!

Consider this a variation on our recent debate over the number of priorities a person can have. Well, I’m settling it.


Here’s the deal. It’s 5 a.m. (09.28.2004) as I write. I have a day crammed full of miscellaneous (that dreaded word!) activities ahead, ending with a flight from Boston/Logan to London/Heathrow. But the … THE … Pressing Question is: WHAT WILL (in One Sentence) THE LEGACY OF THIS DAY HAVE BEEN FOR TP?

Yes, I believe a Single Day can have as much of a “legacy” as a lifetime. In fact that had better be the case! Why? Because the day … stretching out before me … filled (at the moment) with limitless opportunities … is … ALL I HAVE!

Just another day?

All those things … grand and mundane … I want to do with my life will either be abetted or thwarted or put off or ignored in the course of … THIS ONE, UNFURLING DAY.

So: What (One Sentence) will Today’s Legacy be … for You?

Tom Peters posted this on September 28, 2004, in Success Tips.
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