Rock On!

Quote of the day, courtesy Gail Sheehy and More magazine: "For today's emancipated, educated, high-expectation women, the mid-forties to mid-fifties is the Age of Mastery."

Translating this into a capitalistic marketing opportunity, consider a statement from David Wolfe, coauthor with Robert Snyder of Ageless Marketing: "Baby-boomer Women: The Sweetest of Sweet Spots for Marketers." And yet 9 of 10 "big" marketers don't get it; they may pay lip service to the concept, but are miles and planets from full-scale strategic re-alignment around the idea-topic-stupendous opportunity.

Hint: Maybe it would help if we had more than eight women CEOs in the Fortune 500! (Speaking of gyrating demographics, Ms. Sheehy also reminds us that the mythological American family is, in fact, myth; only 10 percent of American households have a "stay-at-home mom and breadwinner dad.")

TP Bottom line/s: ROCK ON, EMANCIPATED 50+ YEAR-OLD WOMEN! Marketers: WAKE UP, IDIOTS! CEO search committees: WAKE UP, IDIOTS!