It Began as a Rant

Airline foul-up. Catch 22. Code share computer flummox. (Repeatedly told I did not exist!) United villain-in-chief, USAir co-conspirator. Location: Ronald Reagan National in DC. Plan: Rant! Decision: Why bother?

Seems the major airlines are in a (near) death spiral. Costs totally whacky. Must cut. Do cut. Cut muscle as well as flab. Understaffed everywhere! (Hopefully not mechanics!) So service deteriorates. So more switch to cut-rate competitors. So more cuts by majors. More bods in the streets, pension cuts. Service deteriorates, morale in the tank. (Impossible to hold even a 30-second grudge relative to an airline employee in the high-travel summer season. They try their best in a hopeless situation … then wait for the next “give back” “request.”) So: Even more PAX exit for the lower-priced spread.

Answer? Perhaps none, except to truly and forever lose a couple of the majors. I, for one, doubt that the industry, as it now exists, can be saved. As for me as a business traveler, I cannot afford stress-inducing rants. Hence (see recent blogs) I’ve resorted to stress-reducing breathing exercises … at RR National such a quick breathing regimen reduced my pulse from a post-episode 84 to 58 in about three minutes.

Tom Peters posted this on August 2, 2004, in Service.
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