Bravo, Office Depot

I was shopping online for ink cartridges when I spotted Our Commitment to Women at the bottom of Office Depot’s home page. One click took me to a list of programs supported by Office Depot, such as Count-Me-In, a non-profit organization that raises money from women to be loaned to women, and Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conference. Interestingly, the first woman profiled in the Success Stories section is Nancy Michaels, recipient of the Tom Peters WOW!Project Personified Award in 2002. A quick peek at Office Depot’s list of executives proved this is not just lip service to draw women customers. Apparently they really do “get it.”

The items I needed were out of stock, so I moved on to Staples, where I read all about their commitment to recycling and environmental protection. Now when I need office supplies, I’ll have to choose between saving the planet and supporting women in business. Life is so complicated!

Linda Fatherree posted this on August 12, 2004, in Trend$.
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