On the Other Hand

Let there be (health care) kudos as warranted: It’s a “little thing,” but then most great “customer service” is an accumulation of so-called little things. I had an interview with a prospective surgeon. Upon finishing an exam, he prepared to discuss his hypotheses about my options. “Why don’t you get dressed first,” he said, “and then we’ll sit down in my office.” I enquired why I needed to add the extra steps of dressing and going to his office. “Well,” he explained, “I have you at a disadvantage when I’m in my white coat and you’re half-naked, in a gown, and splayed out on a table. When you’re dressed, and I’ve taken off the white coat, then we can have a professional discussion as equals about your case. After all, it is your case.” How refreshing! How rare! (In general, and especially among docs-surgeons!) How brilliant!

Tom Peters posted this on July 30, 2004, in Healthcare.
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