Fridge Worthy

You know it is a great ad when you tear it out of the magazine to hang on your fridge! This from the Timberland Boot Company:

We look at a statue of SOMEONE GREAT, and we think they’ve got something we don’t. We are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us have the stuff it takes to be a hero. Not many of us will cure any diseases or slay any dragons, but every single one of us, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, is called to be a king, a queen, a hero in our ordinary lives. We don’t build statues to worship the exceptional life, we build them to remind ourselves what is POSSIBLE IN OUR OWN.

The bottom of the ad states, “This has everything to do with making boots.” Talk about engaging our hearts and minds!

Geoff Thatcher posted this on July 16, 2004, in Marketing.
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