Brand Sequel: Very Funny

We first wrote about the leadership of Steve Koonin and his team of brand gurus at cable television's TNT in The Leader's Voice. Due to the network's continuing success of bringing the "We Know Drama" brand inside, Tom profiled TNT in his 2004 Re-imagine! PBS documentary. Now, for the sequel. Koonin and his team have launched a new brand at TBS, Ted Turner's original Super Station.

TBS will have a new look, a new logo and new tag line—"very funny." The TBS target and positioning were developed through extensive demographic, psychographic and sales research. The network's core target, the comedy lovers, are young adults, who are well-educated, affluent for their age, dual-gender, and love comedic programming of all types. TBS will be the home for comedy lovers and will make viewers laugh out loud and feel good by connecting them to comedy with the stories and characters that they love.

While we're confident the ratings at the "very funny" TBS will increase just as they did when TNT shifted to "We Know Drama," we are more excited to learn how TBS will bring the brand inside.

Ron Crossland posted this on July 1, 2004, in Branding.
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