A Pox

A pox on (almost) all their houses! DemRepSymbols.jpg
Republican or Democrat (or Naderite—de facto Republican), November’s election is important. And the Conventions are important, absence of drama notwithstanding. Thus I’m with PBS’s Jim Lehrer who on Sunday ripped the three “major” (quote marks increasingly merited) networks for granting only an hour a night to live convention coverage. Whoops, a pox on Mr. Lehrer’s house, too—at exactly 11:00PM Monday night, PBS cut President Clinton off mid-sentence. That cost them any 2004 Pledge Week $$$ from me, for one. As to the “almost” in my first line of this comment … hats (way) off to C-SPAN‘s gavel-to-gavel coverage, which also mercilessly saves us from the ceaseless drone of talking-head commentators.

Tom Peters posted this on July 29, 2004, in News.
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