What Tom’s Reading


First a book that I’ve re-visited: The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen.

Interview on BusinessWeek.com/eBiz

For more on innovation, read Mastering the Dynamics of Innovation, by James Utterback, professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. (He uses the Christensen book in his classes.)

More innovation, via the Internet! I love David Stauffer’s new book, D2D: Dynosaur to Dynamo. The cover blurb/sub-sub-title says it all: “How 20 old economy companies are winning the new economy.”

“Ezzay” by David Stauffer

You’ve been asking about this book, which I’ve been quoting for a while. It was just published in May. Free Agent Nation: How America’s New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live, Daniel Pink.

Go to danpink.com

This one’s not to be published until September ’01, but I previewed it. I call it “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” It’s Jump Start Your Business Brain, by “the man,” Doug Hall, master of Eureka Ranch in greater Cincinnati.

Visit the Eureka Ranch website

Education. I was onto this subject, but I became PASSIONATE when I read this book: A Different Kind of Teacher: Reflections on the Bitter Lessons of American Schooling, by John Taylor Gatto.

More from Harvard prof Howard Gardner, he who gave us M.I.: the seven “Multiple Intelligences.” The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think & How Schools Should Teach.

Tribute to Gardner

Frank Smith was onto the subject of education ten years ago! He wrote Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms, in 1991.

The next “big thing” is Healthcare. Start with this memoir by Hamilton Jordan, former chief of staff under Jimmy Carter: No Such Thing as a Bad Day.

For more on healthcare, read Ian Morrison’s Health Care in the New Millennium: Vision, Values, and Leadership.

Here’s another book I’m quoting right now: Beyond Managed Care: How Consumers and Technology Are Changing the Future of Health Care by Dean Coddington, Elizabeth Fischer, Keith Moore & Richard Clarke.

Healthcare again: HealthCare.com: Rx for Reform, by David B. Friend.

Finally, a couple more books on the women thing. This one is by a recent “Cool Friend,” Ronna Lichtenberg: It’s Not Business, It’s Personal.

Interview on tompeters.com

Harriet Rubin, another “Cool Friend,” gave us this: The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women.

Interview on tompeters.com


David McCullough’s John Adams yielded this great quote: “It is a glory to have broken such infamous orders.”


My recommendation for summer reading is Thinks … by David Lodge.