See Tom

Tom circles the globe every year, delivering impassioned speeches on the new world of work to solution-hungry audiences. If you would like to see one of Tom’s dynamic presentations live and in person, check out the list below of upcoming events that are open to the public.

The Excellence Dividend—Book Events

9 April 22018
Farm & Coast Market, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts

28 April 2018
Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, Vermont

3 May 2018
Upstate Owner's Forum: "The Works," a Half-Century's Reflections, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Skaneateles Falls, NY
[NOTE: The event is open only to family-owned businesses.]

5 May 2018
Broward County Library Foundation Literary Feast, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

31 May 2018
Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures, Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, PA



9 October 2018
World Business Forum, Madrid, Spain

24 October 2018
World Business Forum, Mexico City, Mexico