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Video with Tom and Tiffani Bova

Here's a short video: Tom Peters and Tiffani Bova—People to preview the IIL Agile and Scrum virtual conference online, scheduled for Thursday, the 7th, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time.

Video: Tom Peters and Tiffani Bova—People

[Addendum 6 June 2018: TP and Tiffani Bova—Listen, Care, Smile, Say "Thank You"]

[Addendum 7 June 2018: TP and Tiffani Bova—It's All About the Relationships]

[Addendum 12 June 2018, Final Video: TP and Tiffani Bova—The Importance of Failure]

ChangeThis Issue #164

The lead article in this month's ChangeThis is Tom's elaboration on his main theme from The Excellence Dividend: People First! I.e., people take time.

It seems Tom can't re-state his "People First" message often enough. He's said he'll keep repeating it until businesses start listening and change accordingly.

See the ChangeThis article here. And give time to really digesting its message.