Business 2.0 has a nice article on a "touchy-feely" B-School class at Stanford. Our favorite point: "Give away secrets. It pays to tell a newcomer some of your faults." Kinda like that good 'ol "without wax" metaphor Boyd and Ron are always talking and writing about.

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WOW Project, 1639

"I then beheld a most agreeable spectacle ... a perfectly circular shape ... [where] the limbs of the Sun and Venus precisely coincided."—Jeremiah Horrocks
He entered Emmanuel College, Cambridge, at age 13 as a poor scholar, taught himself astronomy, corrected Kepler's calculations (how cool is that), measured the moon's size and found its elliptical orbit, and turned in the best-to-date estimate of the earth's distance from the sun, all before dying at age 22.

Tom on Reagan

Tom wrote a bit about President Ronald Reagan in his newspaper column (which ran from 1985 to 1993). We think the following quote is fitting as a tribute:

Look, Reagan's specific economic policies in the '80s are debatable as hell. But it's not debatable—and I'm a Democrat—that Reagan uplifted our collective ... sodden spirits—and got us back to believing in our entrepreneurial, optimistic, feisty selves.

Geoff Thatcher posted this on June 8, 2004, in News.
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Re-imagine Small

Harold Craighead, an engineering professor at Tom's alma mater, Cornell, is working on virus-sized things. Nanoelectomechanical systems (gadgets the width of three silicon atoms) measure masses on the virus scale of 10 attograms, which is a billionth of a billionth of a gram (if my math is right). Big ideas about very tiny, very powerful things.

Quote of Note

Brits continue to weigh in on Re-imagine! From a book review in EN Magazine (The Magazine for Entrepreneurs):

Indeed, Peters is the Billy Connolly of business. If your head doesn't spin round, become engulfed in flames and blow off your neck at high speed then you may well become the most motivated person in British history.


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Grounded Design

It had its supporters and detractors, but it was a bold design crafted during the birth of the space age. Now, the last of the Concordes perches flightless at the National Museum of Scotland. Will we ever see a passenger aircraft with such verve again?

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