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A Manifesto for the New Rules on Human Capital

Posted yesterday: "A manifesto for the new rules on human capital." Tom wrote a column by this title for the Financial Times, and if you register at their site, you can get access through this link. In the article, Tom argues that the "changing nature of work—and the wildly accelerating effectiveness of technology"—is "both the number one problem and the number one opportunity for businesses and wider society."

MOAP #19

The next installment of Tom's MOAP, or "Mother of All Presentations," Part 19, is available now at You can download the PowerPoint version or a PDF. We we'll be releasing a new section every other week throughout 2012.

In Part 19, which is the 12th "H" in the "15-H Theory of Everything," Tom pays tribute to small and middle-size businesses, with Hartville Hardware, one of the stars from George Whalin's book, Retail Superstars, as an example.

After the Party Was Over


Now that the first Olympic 2012 Party in London is over (Paralympics starts on 29th August), we Brits are all asking ourselves whether we are going to get the legacy we had hoped for. It seems to me that there is a great deal too much focus on whether we can anticipate any profits from our investment. Here are just a few examples of what I think we will gain from it:

1. Looking at the tangibles we are inheriting, we have paid a high price for the regeneration of the area where the new Olympic park was built, but a superb job has been done. A previously derelict and neglected area has been transformed with iconic venues, extensive parkland, and accommodation that will become 2,800 new homes for local people.

There is still debate about whether the athletics stadium will become a white elephant, as we are still arguing about who will take it over after the Games, but the velodrome and aquatic centre look likely to become fabulous resources for everyone to enjoy.


Vermont Public TV Interview with Tom

Recently Tom did a 30-minute interview with reporter Danny Frank of Vermont's Public Access Television, station GNAT-TV. The talk starts with the topic of small town life, proceeds through serving in the armed services in Vietnam, touches on In Search of Excellence, then takes off into the new economic realities: getting and (maybe) keeping employment, managing an excellent company, technology and social media, and more. You must scroll down on this page,, and put "Tom Peters" into the search box above the words "Now Playing." We think you'll be glad you did.

PwC Brazil

Tom is speaking at PricewaterhouseCoopers' annual partners meeting in Campinas, Brazil. PwC Brazil is an independently owned entity that does business under the global PwC banner. While steaming from London to Argentina in 1915, a pair of PwC professionals stopped at Rio—and, with headquarters' permission, decided to open a Brazilian office. The firm offers a wide variety of business-service products in addition to audit.

Tom guesses that this is about his 25th trip to Brazil; he began his visits in the early days of the global seminar superstars at HSM, headquartered in São Paulo.

PwC, Campinas, Brazil
PwC, Campinas, Long Version

[Addendum 22 Aug: Speaking to PwC naturally got Tom onto the subject of Professional Service Firms. Hence, this PDF: Great PSFs.]

TLBT Video #79
Brand You: Showing Up Matters

A new video, #79, in The Little BIG Things series is now available on YouTube. Tom presents his view that you can dramatically increase your influence in any negotiation/discussion/process by simply showing up. Take a lesson from The Delaware delegation to the U.S. Constitutional Congress. Be there!

You can find the video in the right-hand column of this page or watch it at YouTube (time: 2 minutes 12 seconds). Also, you can get a PDF transcript of the video's content here: Brand You: Showing Up Matters.

MOAP #18

Part 18 of Tom's "Mother of All Presentations" (MOAP) is now live at You can download the PowerPoint version or a PDF. We are releasing a section every other week throughout 2012.

Part 18, the 11th "H" in Tom's "15H Theory of Everything," has as its theme "Design Is Everything." In keeping with this week's UK focus, the "H" in this case is Charles Handy (please note that he is Irish!), whom Tom names "UK's most respected management visionary."

Olympics & Excellence

As the Tom Peters Company is based in London, our colleagues have been experiencing Olympic mania first hand. Managing Partner Madeleine McGrath has taken the opportunity to reflect on the similarities between the quests of these exceptional athletes and your own organization to reach Excellence. In the blog posts below, she highlights areas of focus that Tom has emphasized for decades and that she and her team excel at cultivating in their work.

Lessons in Excellence

Going for Gold

Extreme Leadership

One of our favorite former colleagues, Steve Farber, is hosting the Extreme Leadership Summit in San Diego next week. Steve is always full of exuberance and passion, and considering the line up of speakers he's brought together, this is going to be a very powerful event. If you'd like to attend, Steve was kind enough to offer a 20 percent discount for people who hear of the event through us (enter TOM2012 in all caps at checkout).


I argue here that acknowledgement is the most powerful word in the English language—and surely the boss's language. Peope crave being acknowledged as here on earth—and, alas, such acknowledgement is ever so rare in the workplace. At any rate, you'll find 4,000+ words on the topic in the pdf below. (I know it's the height of arrogance, but I think it's as good as anything I've produced in a while.)

Acknowledgement! (Updated 01/01/14)